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Regular/Annual Social Fusion of Alumni and Students

Every year or so, the HELP Graduate School organises a regular/annual dinner for its alumni, current students and faculty. The 2015 event, named ‘An Evening With (Vice Chancellor) Datuk Dr Paul Chan’ was held on 1 July 2015 with the participation of alumni from 1999 to date, present course progressing students, HELP as well as external facilitators and ELMGS programme officers, totalling 142 Malaysians and internationals in number. The venue was a casual, cosy restaurant/café next to ELMGS to foster warmth and proximity.

Dr. Paul Chan reminded everyone that the HELP “postgraduate old boys’ association” is proudly one of the largest in the country. He provided much value by his sharing not only food and beverage but also space and advice with alumni and students, steering the younger individuals especially on the strategies for career success and contribution to community and society, and that these ultimately leads one’s significance in life. Dr. Chan announced that the next dinner evening in 2016 will be even more momentous when HELP celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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